10 Habits to Improve Your Personal Style

10 Habits to Improve Your Personal Style

“Personal style” describes how people express their personalities and preferences via their choices of clothing, accessories, grooming products, and overall look. Each person’s approach is distinct and original. It’s a unique appearance that uses one’s choice of clothing, accessories, and grooming to express one’s taste, lifestyle, cultural influences, and sense of self. It takes more than merely following the latest trends in fashion to create one’s own personal style. It involves making deliberate choices that complement an individual’s emotional and visual tastes. Individuals utilize it as a way to express themselves and to share their personalities with the outside world. Individualistic in nature, personal style is influenced by a wide range of fashion and cultural trends.

Habit #1: Getting Dressed for Nothing

  • It requires time and effort to develop a personal style that accurately captures your personality.
  • Just like when you work out to create muscle, style development takes time and regular work.
  • When I first started wearing new clothes, I thought that my style would instantly get better. All this did, though, was squander money and produce a wardrobe full of items I seldom ever wore.
  • My style started to improve only when I started making time to go through my closet.
  • Even if I’m simply sitting at home, I’ve found that getting dressed boosts my confidence and lets me try out new outfits.
  • My own style has developed and improved over time as a result of adopting this practice.

Habit #2: Waiting Before Buying

  • I used to suffer from being a shopaholic, giving in to every purchasing desire.
  • This behavior led to emotions of buyer’s remorse, an overcrowded wardrobe full of unworn clothing, and mounting debt.
  • In order to escape this pattern, I decided to cut back on my impulsive purchases.
  • I discovered that it’s better to wait and take a deep breath before making a purchase.
  • By putting in place a cooling-off period, I was able to steer clear of future regrets and stop myself from purchasing pointless things.
  • Making a wish list and adding things to it allowed me to give myself at least 24 hours to reconsider my purchasing choice. This proved to be an excellent strategy.
  • This strategy made me more deliberate and aware of my purchasing behaviors, which eventually resulted in wiser and more fulfilling purchases.

Habit #3: Incorporating Texture

I’ve recently started paying more attention to incorporating texture into my wardrobe. While my wardrobe may be considered boring by some, I love playing around with different textures to create different looks. Leather, metallics, cashmere, and silk are some of the textures I enjoy experimenting with. Paying attention to textures and materials has allowed me to add interest to my outfits while still sticking to my basic outfit foundation.

Habit #4: Paying Attention to Footwear

An outfit may be saved or destroyed by the choice of shoes. I’ve learned that picking the right shoe is crucial for creating a cohesive and stylish look. For example, pairing the right shoe with cropped ankle-length jeans can elongate the legs and create a sleeker look. Experimenting with different shoe choices has helped me understand how footwear can impact the overall aesthetic of an outfit.

10 Habits to Improve Your Personal Style/Paying Attention to Footwear

Habit #5: Experimenting with Proportion and Balance

Experimenting with proportion and balance in an outfit can create different looks and silhouettes. While I don’t believe in strict body type rules, I have found that paying attention to balance and proportions has helped me feel more confident in my outfits. By playing around with different elements, such as oversized blazers and slim-fitting tops, I have discovered new ways to style my clothes and create interesting outfits.

Habit #6: Taking Care of Myself

Practicing self-care is an important aspect of personal style. Taking the time to do my skincare, style my hair, and get enough sleep has a positive impact on how I feel about myself and how I present myself through my style. When I feel good about myself, anything I choose to wear looks good and reflects my style.

Habit #7: Allowing Myself to Store Pieces

Instead of decluttering items right away, I have learned to allow myself to store pieces that I’m unsure about. Permitting myself to revisit those items at a later time has prevented unnecessary waste and potential regrets. If I’m not ready to let go of something, storing it allows me to reevaluate its place in my wardrobe without making hasty decisions.

Habit #8: Leaning into Accessories

Accessories can transform a basic outfit into something more stylish and interesting. Playing around with accessories like belts, purses, and jewelry can add a unique touch to any look. Red lipstick or bold eye makeup can also communicate a different vibe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories and use them to express your personal style.

10 Habits to Improve Your Personal Style leaning intoaccessories.

Habit #9: Embracing Outfit Repeating

If you find an outfit combination that you love, embrace outfit repeating. There’s no need to constantly reinvent the wheel when you have a tried-and-true outfit that makes you feel confident and stylish. To prevent boredom, you can incorporate elements like balance, textures, and accessories to create variations of your favorite outfits.

Habit #10: Knowing How to Pay for It

When making new purchases, it’s important to know how you’re going to pay for it. Avoid going into debt for fashion by being mindful of your budget and financial limitations. Knowing how you’re going to pay for your purchases ensures that they bring you joy and don’t add unnecessary stress to your life.


By implementing these 10 habits, you can improve your personal style, feel more confident in your wardrobe, and make more intentional fashion choices. Remember, personal style is a journey, and it’s all about finding what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.


Q1. How do you improve your style?

Improving your style involves staying updated on fashion trends, experimenting with different looks, and finding what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Q2. How can I develop my personal style?

Developing personal style requires self-reflection, experimenting with various fashion elements, and embracing what resonates with your personality and preferences.

Q3. How do I create my style?

Creating your style involves exploring diverse fashion influences, identifying key elements you love, and combining them in a way that reflects your unique identity.

Q4. What are the five rules for identifying your personal style?

  • Self-reflection: Consider your personality, lifestyle, and preferences.
  • Experimentation: Try different styles to discover what resonates.
  • Inspiration: Seek inspiration from various sources, including fashion icons.
  • Comfort: Prioritize comfort in your clothing choices.
  • Signature Elements: Identify signature elements that define your style.

Q5. What are the 8 steps to define personal style?

The eight steps to define personal style include understanding your body shape, analyzing your lifestyle, identifying preferred colors, considering fashion icons, experimenting with various styles, defining your signature pieces, focusing on fit, and embracing authenticity.

Q6. How to dress simple but stylish?

Dressing simple yet stylish involves choosing classic, well-fitted pieces, incorporating neutral colors, and accessorizing strategically. Prioritize quality over quantity and embrace a minimalist approach to achieve an effortlessly chic look.

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