Best Hair Care Tips: 30 Days Challenge

Best Hair Care Tips: 30 Days Challenge

Hair care tips play an important role in our self-care. Nowadays many people are worried about their hair falling and frizziness. And they want to make their hair shiny, healthy, and long. Now you are at the right blog post where we will tell you some hair care tips. That will solve your problem.

Why hair care is important?

Taking care of hair is very important it makes our hair strong and long and prevents dryness. Just like food is important in our life so taking care of hair is also very important. otherwise, our hair gets damaged and begin to fall.

Important tips for hair care:

Here are some important tips for hair care.


Applying oil to the hair is very important as it strengthens the roots of our hair and adds shine to the hair. First of all, you have to make a good hair oil at home, the recipe of which is as follows:

•          1 tablespoon castor oil

•          2 tablespoons fish oil

•          4 tablespoons olive oil

•          4 hair soft capsule

•          Mix all ingredients

All these oils and capsules are easily available in the market. Mix all these oils and capsules in a vessel and you will have a nice homemade oil. This oil will also control the frizziness of your hair and reduce hair fall and I hope 90% of hair problems will be solved.

How to apply hair oil?

First of all, you have to comb your hair and make sure the hair is clean. After combing, you have to make two sections of hair. It means half the hair on one side and half on the other side apply oil on the hands to make two pressure points and massage well on the head. And after applying oil to your hair for five to six hours, you have to wash your hair with your favorite shampoo.

Important note: Take chemical-free shampoo and conditioner.

How to wash hair in hair care tips?

To wash your hair, you should not apply shampoo directly on your hair, but you should mix a little water in the shampoo and make a good mixture and then apply it on your hair and massage it with light hands. So that the shampoo gets well on the hair and the hair is clean, then you have to wash your hair with water. After washing your hair, you must use conditioner on your hair, it adds shine to your hair and makes your hair strong. You should never apply conditioner on the roots of your hair but on the tips of your hair. After applying the conditioner for five minutes, the hair will be washed again.

How to dry hair with hair care tips?

After washing your hair, you have to dry your hair with the help of a towel. When the hair is dry, you have to lightly comb the lower hair and then apply any serum or olive oil on it. After drying, make a small bun and use a clip catcher for this, don’t make a bun with a scrunchie or a poni. Keep the bun for about 20 minutes and then leave the hair open to dry. Take it and make it a part of your life. Believe me, your hair will stop falling and it will be very good.

Hair Mask for Hair Care:

The hair mask is also very important for hair care. It also makes the hair silky and shiny. Try not to use marketed hair masks but make them at home. It is very easily made at home. You need the following items to make a Hair mask:

•          2 Tablespoons aloe vera Gel

•          1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil

•          2 Vitamin Capsule

•          Mix all the ingredients

If your hair is very long and thick, you can add aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and capsules in double quantity.

Best Hair Care Tips

How to apply a hair mask?

First comb the hair. Then apply the hair mask well on the whole head and cover it with a shower cap. Allow it to remain on for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it off. Dry the hair in the above method. After the first use, you will feel a huge difference in your hair.

Healthy Diet:

Just as a good diet is important for good health, a good diet is also very important for our hair. A good diet makes your hair strong and healthy. Along with taking care of our hair, we should also take care of our diet. We must use vitamins protein and iron in our diet which are very important for the growth of our hair. The following things we must take in our diet number one:

•          Yogurt

•          Milk

•          Eggs

•          Meat

•          Fish

•          Citrus fruits

•          Pulses

Some Extra Tips for Hair Care:

Here are some extra tips for hair care:


Hair trimming is very important as it plays a very important role in hair growth. Trimming hair after a few weeks is very important as it eliminates split ends and hair starts to grow faster.

Regular Wash:

Washing hair is also very important, it also makes a big difference in the growth of hair. Hair should be washed two to three times a week, it also removes the natural oils found in our hair, making hair clean and shiny.

Avoid Heating:

If your hair is very dry and you are taking care of your hair. Then you should take care that you should avoid heating your hair with a heating product such as a straightener hair dryer. Because by using these things the hair becomes very damaged and hair fall also starts.

Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is not only important for our health but it is also very important for hair care and growth. That’s why we should stay hydrated at all times

Silk Pillowcases:

By using a silk pillow, the friction in the hair is much less and it prevents hair breakage and frizziness

Avoid Stress:

Hair growth also decreases due to stress. Due to this, our hair starts falling a lot. Therefore, we should try to minimize stress, and to reduce stress, we should do activities like meditation or yoga.


Finally, proper hair care is essential for achieving strong, shiny and healthy hair. The 30-day hair care challenge outlines various essential tips for dealing with common problems like hair fall and frizz. The importance of applying oil, using homemade hair oil mixture, washing with chemical-free shampoo and applying conditioner to the hair tips was emphasized. The article also highlights the importance of a healthy diet, including foods rich in vitamins, protein and iron.

By incorporating these practices into a daily routine, individuals can expect positive changes in the health of their hair. Overall, the article encourages a holistic approach to hair care that combines natural remedies, proper hygiene, and a healthy lifestyle for optimal results.

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